Small bowls of food with chopsticks laying across the lip An up-close shot of noodles with red chopsticks in the background of the dish A zoom shot of three smoothie beverages with straws in their center A basket of shrimp with chop sticks laying diagonally across the food Three bowls of delicious food with dipping sauce in dishes A texture shot of some food with black chopsticks in the foreground An angle shot of a plate of food with thin lemon slices on the top A zoom texture shot of two a type of cuisine

Mini Dim Sum Platter

Chicken Pad Thai Noodles

Tapioca Milk Smoothies

Shrimp & Veggie Tempura Udon

Luncheon Combo Extravaganza

Sautéed Fish with Asparagus

Lemon Flavored Sole Fillet

Honey Walnut Shrimp

"A Tribute to Grandma"

In 1988 Chef Annie Chui started her business named Chopsticks Inn Restaurant in La Mesa, California. Born in the southeastern region of China, she left for Hong Kong to live with grandma at a very young age. Little Annie had to mature quickly and became self-reliant throughout the rest of her childhood. Grandma, being meticulous and a great cook as she was, whose love and dedication had inspired young Annie to develop her own character and an attribute of a great chef she has become. Grandma lived just past her 90s and she will forever be cherished in our memories.

Over the years Chef Annie has developed a strong interest, attention to detail ability with a keen sense of understanding in Asian food knowledge. Obsessed with passion in experimenting different spices and herbs in cooking, the kitchen has become her sanctuary. Chef Annie is her own worst food critic and is always looking for ways to create and perfect her recipes.

About Us

Chopsticks Inn is proud to present a delectable menu featuring Asian fare noodle soup bowls and stir fry dishes originated from China, Japan and Thailand respectively. We are committed to uphold the highest standard on food quality and taste, in hope to satisfy each of our guests' appetite and continue to further enhance your dining pleasure experience with us.

A Pan-Asian Café

Chinese • Dim Sum • Japanese • Thai • Vegetarian